Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Tub Is Out Of Commission

Well since we now can't use our tub because it is being used to hold tools and unused Sheetrock Dylan gets the pleasure of bathing in the sink. I tried doing this when he was first born, because my Mother told me how wonderful it was. Well don't tell my Mom but I thought she was a complete LIAR! But now I understand. It helps if they can sit up, this I didn't understand until now. He loves the sink! The only bad thing is he tries to pull himself up on the divider of the sinks, the faucet and the handle. But the good thing, the dishes stay done because if they are in the sink Dylan is throwing them on the floor, or trying to get to them, and I have even caught him trying to eat some of the leftovers on them. Yeah not so good, but it will work for now.

Dad's little Army Crawler

WOW! I just have to tell everyone how quick Dylan has gotten. He used to just worm, well now he can army crawl (he pulls himself with his arms mostly) and pulling up on to anything he can get to. Oh and how he loves the cords, and books. Josh and I are very impressed at the speed he can crawl, for not really technically crawling that kid can move! Here are some pictures of him underneath his bouncer chair. He really like to be under there as well as eating the lamp cords.

Leaky Leaky Pipes.

Oh old houses don't you just love them . . . . . . . Josh and I have discovered a leak in our pipes that goes to our tub downstairs, so we tore off the tub surround and can I just say yuck! It was all moldy and wet, so we tore everything out. My brother Kris came down to help us with the wiring, he is so very good at stuff like that he can explain anything to me and it even makes sense so you know he's that good. But he and Josh had fun learning all of the 'wonderful' things that the previous owners did. Such as there's three walls where there should only be one, and there is a door from my tub to my living room, there's a old window that's next to the tolite that goes to the closet in the hall, and my favorite thing is that we don't have fluffy instulation, that's too normal, we have dirt, hard, packed, black dirt inbetween our studs that go to the outside. Now I guess this is understandable after all that part of the house was built in 1910 so that I'll forgive. In the pictures you can see the plaster boards that cover the whole room, the three types of wall paper. We are working on it and when it's done we'll have those pic on here too.

Dylan's Teeth

Don't mind the bib and the messy face it's the only time I can get Dylan to show me his teeth. Aren't they SO handsome. Sorry for the blurry picture.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dylan in the Kitchen

As you all know we borrowed a walker from Molly, well until yesterday I don't really think Dylan knew what it would do. I (being the crazy Mother that I am) ran him around the house in it. He was just a screaming and laughing and his little legs going a mile a minute. It was the cutest thing to see how excited he can get. So after a few laps around my house he thought he knew how to work it and started to run threw the house as fast as his little legs would go. The only problem is my oven stick out farther then my cupbords and he would smack into it and get stuck. Well I'll let you know that he would let me know when he was stuck, he would starts complaining as only Dylan does, with a wimper and a small whine. He had even learned how to turn around in it so he was cruising pretty good.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dylan's Toothies

Dylan has finally got his first tooth, and I wish that it would go away. He was ornery but I figured it was his 6 month shots so was I surprised when he stuck my fingers in his mouth and bit me. So the first one it wasn't too bad, but this second one that finally broke through yesterday was horrible. He wouldn't let me leave his sight. When I set him on the floor he would worm over to me and try to stand up, pulling my pants down in the process. But they are finally threw! So only like twenty more to go right!?! I can't get a picture yet anytime I try to he clenches his mouth shut and starts to pout. But he does love to chew on Graham Crackers, they seem to help the pain. So we've got crackers and Tylenol on hand for now.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dylan and the Fishes

Dylan loves to watch the fishes in my fish tank. I had to go buy some fish that were colorful because all I had in there was a kissing fish (pink) and a placostamous (black, brown, gray) So I went and bought two fancy goldfishes that are very colorful. Dylan loves to watch them when they swim around and he tries to catch them as you can see in this video. He can sit there for quite a long time just watching them and talking with them. It's pretty cute if I can say so myself.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dylan Trying To Walk

With Dylan thinking that he needs to walk I went and borrowed a walker from sister Molly. Dylan LOVES it ! ! ! Here is a short video of him trying to run down the dogs. He can cruise around pretty good. It surprised me how well he was walking in it I thought he might have to learn how but we put him in and he was walking as fast as he could, and grining the whole time. He loves to get over to the coffee table and pull everything he can off of it and in his mouth.

He Can Stand By Himself

On Tuesday Dylan finally pulled himself up on his brand new cruise and crawl. So now he thinks that he is ready to walk. He gets very mad at just sitting or laying down. If he is not standing up he gets mad and lets you know that it is not acceptable. So now that he can finally pull himself up he tries to on everything, even though some of the things he tries to pull himself up on aren't very stable. He pulled himself up on a box of toys I have for him and his little arms were not allowing him to completely stand up and his head went right into his toy box and he started screaming, although it was pretty funny to watch.