Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dylan's second Halloween was a blast and I have to say he is much better this year the day after then he was last. I had the original idea to make him into a panda bear, but Josh thought that it would be so hard to get his make-up on and for him not to play with it. So we decided to make him a zombie, and I have to say he was the most adorable zombie I had ever seen. He loved going to the family, he took LOTS of treats and liked the idea of putting it in his pumpkin, after he realized that he still got to eat it. After we were done trick-or-treating we drove past the Halloween lights just a little ways away from our house, for our last look of the season. I took Dylan there almost EVERY night if he was good. It was a blast!
Here are some pictures of us carving pumpkins, Dylan would only eat the seeds. And of course his costume.