Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Dylan!

So this is about a month late, but we've been so busy, so here it is. Dylan had a great first birthday and he was so good. The day started with a parade, then to the park for the booths, and then a great nap. Which let Mom and Dad catch up on stuff the party. Then we had a great cookout, hotdogs, and salad. Then Presents! Dylan loved to open his tonka truck, given by Uncle Caleb and Uncle Wes. Thanks guys he loves it! And he also was spoiled by both Grandparents. Josh and I gave him a pool, and a hoop to go in it. Aunt RoseAnne gave him the best building blocks ever! He love his birthday. So what was left but the cake of course. It had a four wheeler on it, he loves to play with. We gave him a piece and he did not eat a single crumb of it. Nothing went in his mouth. He started with the frosting, and it was all over his hands then straight to his hair. Not only did he continue to rub it in then he rubbed it all over his chest. Silly boy! Dylan I love you and you are such a great boy. I hope you had a great birthday!