Sunday, November 30, 2008


I know that it's not Halloween time but I forgot to put these pictures on here and they were just too cute to leave off.

More Sweet Tatoes Please

Dylan has finally eaten some REAL food. Molly suggested that I start him on sweet potatoes, and he's not quite sure about them yet but eating them better and better every day. When were were shopping yesterday Josh fed him eight bottles, what a hungry little man we have. So far today I've fed him two, but he also has had mush and sweet potatoes. And did I mention that he likes to do it all by himself already?

Thanks Aunt Maddy!

I love this hat on Dylan, Maddy made it for him and it's a little to small, but it keeps him warm and toasty. Of course it's camo because what little boy doesn't like camo. These pictures are coming home from the Festival of Lights Parade.

Christmas Time Is Here ! !

WOW I can't believe it's already this lovely time of year! Josh and I put up all of our Christmas decorations. Dylan was watching with great wonder in his eyes. He loved when we lit the tree up, with our blue and white lights. But I think he really loved the colored light we put around our piano, front door, and entertainment center. He just sits and looks at them. We put them up on Thanksgiving after we got back from my families dinner. The next night we went to the Festival of Lights Parade, Dylan just watched all the floats go by one at a time it was the most adorable thing I've seen. So now that we have done the shopping thing with all the girls yesterday my tree is loaded up with presents. And Dylan has Hudson for Christmas this year, and let me just say that I'm SO excited to see him open up his present on Christmas, I can't wait!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Josh and I were invited to go to the Coldplay concert on Saturday in Salt Lake. It was awesome! ! For me not being that big of a fan it was really great, and not what I expected at all. We were very surprised when we noticed that they had left the stage and were heading our way. They came up to where we were sitting to sing a song they were literally twenty feet away from us and they sang two songs then they ran out the doors and were back on stage after everyone had their cell phones open and bouncing them back and forth it looked awesome. Before the concert we went and ate at thaifoon. It was good, I had coconut shrimp and Josh had Honey almond chicken, both came with rice. We also had some calamari, it was delicious. Josh liked it as well but when he ate the whole squid instead of just the rings he felt a little queasy, I told him it was just the thought of it, he agreed. We didn't get home till about one and I still had to go to Mom's and get Dilly-beans. He slept the whole way home, but he did wake up when we got home, but I gave him a bottle and he fell right back asleep until seven, and Josh went and got him. It was so nice I got to sleep in until ten, which I haven't done for almost a year. Thank you Babey, I love you.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh Sister Molly

Look what I did.

WOW look how we have changed

Feedings for a four month old

Dylan has found out how to use Ryker (his cousin) sippy cup. He loves drinking out of it or mostly chewing on it. I wish I had a picture but it's always at work and I don't have a camera. Josh says that he is too young for one but I have to get him one for Christmas. But until I get a picture of that here he is feeding himself mush because I guess Mom just doesn't do it the right way. I forgot to mention he had his first bowl of oatmeal yesterday and he ate it all gone!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Can I just say how wonderful Josh and I have it with our first son. . . . he has got to be the best baby I have ever seen! Everyone says that we have it easy, and he is adorable too. WE LOVE HIM !

Wedding Dress

My wedding dress oh how I LOVE it!