Thursday, February 25, 2010

Her First Pictures!

Okay so these are actually the second pictures but in the 10 week ones we didn't know that she was a she. BIG SURPRISE! But we are getting more fond of the idea of having a girl, except I HATE pink. And for any of those of you who have little girls know that EVERYTHING IS PINK!!!! I love purple, red, yellow, and they have nothing in those colors it's just pink! Do they think everyone wants pink? People these days, but anyway, she is right on schedule they said she's measuring to the day, Dylan was actually about a week bigger then he should have been at this point and he was still a week late, so hopefully this one comes on time. The tech said that she was beautiful, and everything was where it was supposed to be. He also said that she was doing everything that he needed her to do, she would move just right for him and wouldn't shy away when we were getting pictures of her face. It is still the craziest thing to see them do the ultra sound and know that it's inside of you just hanging out. Hope you enjoy!