Sunday, March 29, 2009


I finally got Dylan to clap his hands for the camera. It's my new favorite thing he does. He gets so proud of himself when he does it, it's adorable.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


WOW! It's so hard for me to believe that I had Dylan nine months ago. In the last little bit he has accomplished TONZ! He now can clap his hands, he jabbers like nobodies business, and he is getting very close to walking. He actually took a step last week without holding on to anything. He lunged forward and grabbed my pant leg and stood there so big. He now has got three teeth and another one coming threw any day. He has mastered the art of crawling, and pulling himself up on everything and then two days ago when I was bathing him he taught himself about the difference in the hot and cold water, and how when you mix them it's better. He would pull himself up to look at himself in the reflection of the tub spout. And he saw something really shiny and had to reach for it. Of course it was the hot water, so he got on his tippy toes and reached for it then turned it on and the water started coming out. At first it scared him and he fell down on his bum, and just stared at the water flowing into the tub. So I shut it off told him no and to sit on his bum. Well a minute later he was back up and he had the cold knob this time. He turned it on and the water came out then he shut it off and went for the hot one again. So eventually he was standing up like a pro with a knob in each hand turning them on together, then one and the other. I sat him back down cuz at this time I was just giggling at him then he thought it was funny. He stood back up grabbing the spout this time, and pulling up the thing that turns the shower on. With a hand on it and the other on the knob he turned that thing and knew just what it would do. But as you know with that thing pulled up it didn't come out the spout, it came out right on top of his head! He sat down and just kept looking up at the water like what are you doing that's not how this is supposed to work. Then he looked at me and I was laughing by this point, and he started to cry. It was so funny! I shut off the water and the shower. Hugged him and then he sat back down now that everything was under control and did it again, only this time he thought that it was funny no longer scary. I should have grabbed the camcorder but I didn't dare leave him and if I took him out he would throw a fit. So I'm just telling you all of this experience and I'm sure you can see it for yourself, in your mind.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dylan's New Use For Wipes

Well as you can see, my son has mastered the art of kicking things to where he can't reach something he wants just so he can reach it. And I was sure he was going to crash, but he never did. He just stepped up and down like a pro.

Dylan and his puppy

Dylan LOVES the puppies at our house. Last night he just kept laying on Kujo trying to get comfy, because he didn't feel good, I would guess it was so cute Josh finally snapped a picture just in time. It was so cute.


Dylan is getting more teeth, finally, he has had the two he has got for almost two months with no more until now. But this weekend was the worse I have seen him get yet. On Monday we took him into the Doctor because four weeks ago we took him in because he wasn't feeling very good, and to our surprise he had a double ear infection. So we gave him his antibiotic and he got feeling better. Then a week after that we took him back in because he still wasn't up to par. The infection had gone away in his right ear but had stayed in his left. so the Dr. gave us a stronger dose of medicine and told us to use it all up (11 1/2 days) and come back in two weeks when he was done with his medicine and check his ears to make sure all the infection was gone. So last Monday we went back in and it's a good thing we did, Dylan got over his ear infection but now had croup. So no antibiotic this time just a steroid to help his lungs stay clear. He was on the steroid for three days. So Wednesday he was off medicine and doing okay, he still was really clingy and didn't like when he couldn't see me, so I just thought that it was a phase he was going through and thought nothing much more of it. Then Friday we were at Molly's and I went to get him from his nap, and he was really hot, Molly took his temperature while I held him and it was 101.2. While I held him Molly looked and saw that his two top teeth were starting to come in, so we hoped that that is what caused the fever. That night was horrible, he was up every two hours, just a crying and screaming, you would pick him up and he was right back asleep. You could tell he just hurt. Then on Saturday he was like that all day with a fever ranging from 102 to 101. And finally about midnight his fever broke. He slept the rest of the night and woke up about 9:00. I took his temperature this morning and it was 98 degrees. So much better then it was. He is still real clingy but the left tooth has finally poked a little corner through. So we are much happier tonight but he is still very tired.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Playing

This is Dylan playing with a new toy to help him walk, so far he just likes the buttons on it and will walk with it but while he's pushing the buttons not holding on to the handle like he is supposed to. But I guess buttons are more fun!

My LAZY Boys

This is a typical Sunday for me when I get home from church and Dylan is down for his nap. I guess they think well Dylan is sleeping so we can too.

Where Did He Learn This. . . . .

This is Dylan newest trick. He puts things in his mouth when he needs to use both of his hands for something else. Now maybe he just thought of this all on his own, BUT I think that the fact we have two dogs, that carry things around the same way, might have some influence on him.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our First Walk Of The Year!

You say the word walk in my house and you get Kujo jumping around like a crazy dog whining and barking, I'm not joking, when I was pregnant with Dylan we went on TONZ of walks, and I would just say that I had been on one and he would be jumping around ready to go for another one. So with the weather being so nice yesterday I could not resist a walk to the end of my road, we went to the road that turns into Cove Road. So it was only 20 minutes and by the halfway point Zeus was tired of walking. So when he was little and Dylan was in his carseat I would just set Zeus on top of the blanket and he would ride there, pretty much the whole time that we walked (he's got little legs) So when he tired out on this one I didn't know where to put him. It was Dylan's first ride in the stroller sitting up like a big boy. So I set Zeus on Dylan's lap. And there he rode all the way home. With Cherrio's in one hand and Zeus under the other arm Dylan was set to head home. It was so adorable I had to get a few pictures when I got home, Zeus had moved but it is still just as cute. Dylan's little cheeks are red but when I got him in the house he was really warm bundled up like an eskimo.