Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Little Man

As I am sitting here at work, watching Dylan and the other kids interact, I realize that he acts pretty old for his age. We are having snack and it's Goldfish, Dylan's new favorite snack by the way, and Ryker (cousin) is sharing with him so cute. Dylan is sitting on his mat like a good boy and Ryker on his. Well Dylan ran out of Goldfish because I only gave him three, and cousin Ryker still has a whole hand full. So Ryker sets them down and pushes them over one at a time to Dylan and he grabs it and stuffs it into his mouth. Ryker thinks that it is pretty funny and all of the kids are just watching them and giggling. He acts so big at snack time, and thanks Ryker for sharing your fishes.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Update for Sister Molly

Well hello there my long lost sister. I just thought that I would let you know why you were basking in the sunlight, getting that perfect tan, I was here. And not only was I wishing that I was with you, but realizing that it is just not fair. I had to deal with the snow and rain, cold freezing tempuratures and on top of that try to put my house back together, with a seven month old that keeps falling down, and then crying. But anyway enough about my suffering how was it? Hope to talk to you soon and see some pictures. Love you guys lots!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yeah! My bathroom is finally done with. And if I can say so myself it looks very professional. Good job honey, you did a great job! I know Dylan can't wait till we can tub in the tub tonight. The pics should be mostly before and after as best as I could. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Didn't Do It . . . I Promise!

Not only has Dylan been getting cords and books on his adventures. Crawling into his bouncer and on the lower level of the coffee tables wasn't enough for him. Saturday he found the kitchen and what was in the kitchen but Kujo, Zeus, and Morgan's food bowls. Not only did he start out in the living room checking everything out on his way to get his Daddy that was in the kitchen, but he found the treasure that I hoped he would never find.

Dylan and the Scooby Shirt

Now I have talked about Dylan having to wear this Scooby shirt on Christmas already. And when Josh and I got back from Lava on Saturday he was in it yet again. Dylan and Grandma Gilbert were having a night bottle and he started coughing and then he started puking it all up. He drenched himself so Grandma changed him into his favorite back up jammies, and he was fast asleep on Grandma's lap when we got there to take him home it was so precious to see him laying there with her. THANKS MOM!

Reading Time!

Dylan LOVES to read! We can thank Grandma Gilbert for that she loves to read to him, just as he loves to hear her read. But he was reading with Josh and he was trying to turn the pages of his books, and most of the time he would accomplish it. It was adorable watching Josh read to him and he was so excited to turn the pages, Josh would tell him when to do it, if he hadn't done it by then already.


On Saturday we went shopping at Wal*Mart and Patty (Josh's Mom) was there. We actually got to say hello this time. She came up to kiss Dylan and Dylan was so excited to see her. He was just a kicking his little legs, and then flirting with her it was really cute. We also had him sitting up in the cart like a big boy he loved it he could see everything, especially Grandma. He was a little distraught when she went back to her till though because he could see her and didn't understand why she had left I think but so he just was looking at her and talking to her the whole time it was adorable.