Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We had to get Dylan some new jammies because he grew out of his footed ones and couldn't even straighten his little legs. So we went to Wally World, and couldn't find any warm jammies so we got him an assortment of summer ones, and of course we had to get the Batman jammies. After all it came with a cape. . . . so really there was not an option it was a must.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I was tagged by Nicole so here it is

8 Favorite TV Shows
1. Bones
2. House
3. Law and Order SVU
4. Top Chef
5. Chopped
6. Millionaire Matchmaker
7. Arther - we watch this at daycare and it's prob my favorite kid show
8. Law and Order CI

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Washed Clothes
2. Did Dishes
3. Cleaned my House
4. Went to the Easter Egg Hunt
5. Played with Dylan outside
6. Watched Dylan accomplish down the stairs
7. Watched Dylan get excited over Easter Eggs that Grandma Bowcut brought him full of vanilla wafers, his favorite
8. Had dinner at Mom's with the family

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Dylan Walking
2. Good weather to play outside all day
3. Camping
4. Swimming
5. My Anniversary
6. Fourth of July - always a good time
7. That Famous Preston Night Rodeo
8. Josh's Birthday

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Chili's
2. Wok On Wheels
3. Iggy's
4. Fredrico's
5. Arby's
6. Olive Garden
7. El Sol
8. Flora's - the shrimp and steak yummy!

8 Things on my wish list
1. Dylan to LOVE camping
2. a permanently clean house
3. To stop getting sick
4. Health for everyone I love
5. To get out of debt
6. To finish our refinance
7. Dylan to grow up perfectly - hey I know it won't happen but I can wish
8. For Josh's job to keep busy

8 People I tag
1. Molly
2. Heidi
3. Chantal
4. Gina
5. Cathrine
6. RoseAnne
7. Krista
8. Anybody else that wants too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This is Dylan's newest accomplishment, besides climbing up the stairs. It is so adorable! I believe that he even understands what it means because if we are going and I ask him if he's ready if he is then he starts waving to everyone as we walk out. And yesterday when I was driving home I waved to a passerby and I look back at him and his little arm is stretched as far as it will go up and he's just a waving his little hand. He is so precious! At daycare when people go they always say bye and he turns and waves like they were specifically talking to him. It makes me a proud Mom to see him learn stuff so quickly. I think Josh and I have a very smart boy on our hands.

Dylan's New Seat

This is Dylan's new car seat. He out grew the one he had since birth quicker then I thought he would, but it lasted him long enough. He loves his new seat though, it's comfy and it has a cheerio holder, because we all know how important that is. It's really a cup holder but he hasn't mastered the cup yet so we use it for snacks.