Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas was wonderful. This was our first year of staying home in the morning and it was so nice to just relax. Everyone was spoiled. Dylan of course was up at 3:30 am and if any of you know me, I know this is pathetic, but of course I was up when he came down...yeah I only slept for maybe an hour and a half that night. I know I'm worse then my kids. But needless to say I had a loverly nap at 7:30 and Josh and Dylan were out at 9:00 and Mack woke up around 11 so we were all done with our naps when she got up. It was very nice to be able to nap at 7:30 am. Dylan got all sorts of 'CARS' He is a Cars freak! And he's still loving them. Mack got a little piano that she loves to play and tub toys! Josh got a whole new woodworking shop. I got my book that I've been wanting and some thermometers and a lovely new bird feeder and some scrapbooking stuff. Macklee has now learned to roll over FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for a few months. She's been sitting up for a while but not rolling over but she has gone both ways now. SHe loves cruising in the walker and chases Dylan around and she loves when Dylan pushes her chasing one of the boys. Hoping for a great year for us and everyone!

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